SUUNTO Tandem-360PC/360R Compass and Clinometer

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Brand: Suunto

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  • Liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer for surveyors, cartographers, and others
  • Ideal for accurately measuring directional indications, heights, vertical angles, and slopes
  • Offers scales in both degrees (0 +/- 90 degrees) and percent (0 +/- 150 percent)
  • 90-degree edges for contact measuring; water- and impact-resistant aluminum housing
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Binding: Sports

Hazardous Material Type: ORM-D Class 3

Publisher: SUUNTO

Details: The Tandem Compass and Clinometer by Suunto are housed together in one lightweight durable package. It is widely used for anyone who needs to be able to measure directional indications, heights, vertical angles and slopes ? all with great speed and accuracy. The Tandem is used a lot in surveying and constructing in quarries and tunnels, especially when there are obstacles or depressions in the line of vision. It also assists in GPS communication and installations and positioning of satellite antennas. It comes standard with a lanyard, a pouch with a belt loop and it changes from compass to clinometer with a click. NOTE: The Suunto Tandem comes in two versions - One version comes with optical adjustment for reading and the other does not. Please choose the one the best suites your needs. FEATURES of the Tandem Compass and Clinometer by Suunto High accuracy - precise readings in seconds Durable aluminum housing - protects against impact, corrosion and water Edges at 90 degrees angles for contact measuring Individually calibrated Optical adjustment for reading (optional) Lanyard Nylon pouch with belt-loop Available for 5 geographic balancing zones 2-year warranty Same quality capsules as in the regular PMS and KBS Tandem 360 PC / 360 R: Scales: 0 ? 90, 0 ? 150 SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 120 x 76 x 15 mm Weight: 175g Adjustable declination correction scale: optional Anodized light-alloy housing Compass accuracy: 1/3 Graduation interval: 1/2 Lanyard and brass loop Nylon pouch with belt-loop Optical adjustment Thread hole for tripod

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches