SurvivaIStraw Water Filter Straw for Backpacking and Camping, Advanced Water Purification with 2000L 4-Stage Filtration, Water Purifier for Hiking,Hunting, Travel and Emergency (Army Green)

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Brand: SurvivalStraw

Color: Army Green


  • SIZE:21x5x3.5 cm Weight:80 gramm
  • LIFESPAN: Can treat minimum 2000L(530Gallons) water from any freshwater lake, river, or stream.
  • ADVANCED FILTRATION: 4-Stage Filtration includes pre-filter, activated carbon filter,0.1 micron hollow fiber UF membrane and high polyiodine resin filter media
  • FILTER MATERIAL: filling high polyiodine resin + granular coconut shell activated carbon + carbon fiber + hydrophilic hollow fiber microporous membrane
  • PRECISE FILTERING:Precise filtration system removes sediment, dust and other particles in the water.Special multi-functional advanced activated carbon fiber and high polyiodine resincan effectively reduce water turbidity and remove bad taste

Publisher: SurvivalStraw

Details: SurvivaIStraw was designed to go with you anywhere that local water may be unsafe. It is perfect for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Natural Disasters and World Traveling. For every outdoor enthusiasts or disaster survivor, you need clean water to sustain life. When you are outdoor / field where clean water could not be found, outdoor water straw is your trusted field drinking water essential survival tools Features Effectively filters up to 2,000 liters ( 530gallons) per straw Easy-to-use, lightweight and compact Use like a straw in a lake or stream or connect to a bottle With advanced 4-stage filtration Pre-filter Activated carbon filter 0.1 micron hollow fiber uf membrane High POLY-IODINE resin filter media prevents any growth inside the straw Precautions ①Draw water up from impure source using mouth suction only and spit out the first suck. ②After use suck out surplus water,replace cap and return to outer container ③Do not use in salt,brackish,or chemically contaminated water. ④Store in dry conditions at temperature below 30℃. ⑤ End of useful life will be indicated by the straw becoming blocked. ⑥Note discolouration of the straw may occur,this does not affect its performance in any way

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 2.0 x 1.4 inches