Real Nordic Walking Poles from SWIX of Norway. Life Time Warranty. 32 Lengths. #1 for Hiking, Trekking, Physical Therapy. Safer, Lighter, Stronger Than Flimsy Collapsible Poles from China

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Brand: American Nordic Walking System

Color: Norwegian Blue


  • The Only Walking Poles On Amazon That Are Custom Fit To Your Height. Please Click On “Customize Now” (Top Right Of This Page When Ready To Order). These 1-Piece Walking Poles Are Tough Enough For Athletes, Fitness Walking, Hiking And Trekking – Making Them The Logical And Safest Choice For Seniors And Individuals With Balance Issues too. These Walking Poles Are The Most Durable, Most Dependable And Most User-Friendly Available In The USA.
  • Quality 1-Piece Walking Poles From SWIX And EXEL. These Walking Poles Are Made In Real Ski Pole Factories And Are Not Cheap Flimsy Twist/Flip-Locking Collapsible Poles From China. SWIX And EXEL Walking Poles Have REAL Nordic Straps - Not Cheap Loop Straps, Velcro Slings Or No Straps At All. Don't get scammed!
  • These #1 Rated Walking Poles Include Removable Nordic Walking Rubber Tips/Asphalt Paws For Hard Surfaces - Pavement,Cement, Indoor & Outdoor Tracks, In The Mall, Carpet, Tile, ......... These Are The Best Poles For Use In The City, On Pavement, For Those In Physical Therapy, For Athletes, Hikers, Fitness Walkers, ........
  • Durable Carbide Metal Tips For The Trail, Grass, Beach, Sand Dunes, Snow & Ice - These Are The Best Poles For Use In The City, Out In The Country And Up In The Mountains.
  • Beware Of Twist-Locking and Telescoping Poles That Rattle, Vibrate And Collapse Unexpectedly. Fact: 100% Of The Collapsible Poles On Amazon Are Made In China. Athletes Destroy Collapsible Poles + Seniors And Individuals With Balance Issues Should NEVER Be Sold Collapsible Poles. If you see collapsible poles that come with a free nylon sack it means they are 100% made in China.

Format: DVD

Publisher: SWIX - Custom Made in Lillehammer, Norway exclusively for the American Nordic Walking System

Details: Real Nordic Walking Poles custom fit to your height - click on Customize Now when ready to order (top right of this page). ALL 32 sizes in stock and ready to ship. Quality 1-piece construction designed for hiking, fitness walking and those with balance issues and or in Physical Therapy – dependable and user-friendly (unlike cheap/flimsy collapsible poles). The Scandinavians recommend one-piece poles. The athletes I coach only use one-piece poles. Free DVD and printed instructions included with every order. According to Nick Mahood, SWIX Nordic Walking Director, "I have no doubt that Pete Edwards (SKIWALKING.COM) is the #1 retailer of Nordic Walking Poles in the US! You can quote me on that! We are generally an inactive and increasingly overweight country. Nordic Walking is just what we need, it is simple, effective and gives people who have difficulty moving the ability to get out and walk! Through his nationwide efforts to spread the message about Nordic Walking Pete Edwards has given thousands of people the means to improve their health and well being! Pete Edwards has single-handedly introduced Nordic Walking to thousands of Americans through his enthusiastic classes!" Nordic Walking is the best! Nordic Walking is for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels”. Perfect length poles help us to automatically walk with a super straight back - better walking posture is biomechanically a good thing. Special Attention: If you have questions or if you have pole sizing questions, please call us at 231-334-3080. Please note that SWIX and EXEL are the #1 rated poles + they are the real thing - they are not the fake collapsible poles flooding the market from China. Please avoid cheap/flimsy twist-locking 2-piece and 3-piece adjustable length/telescoping/collapsible poles – seniors and those with balance issues should never be sold collapsible poles. Don't get scammed by cheap/flimsy collapsible poles from China.