KFiAQ White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping, Sleep Sound Machine with 17 Non-Looping High Fidelity Sounds, Timer & Soothing Night Light for Baby Adult Traveler, Portable for Home Office Travel

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Brand: KFiAQ


  • ♫〖17 AUTHENTIC SOUNDS〗This is the latest generation sleep sound machine. It is designed for babies children adults. They come with 17 authentic sounds and are capable of overpowering disrupting noises so you can sleep peacefully with the sounds that are actually good for you. It is a great way to deal with noise pollution.
  • ♫〖7 LEVEL ADJUSTABLE LED NIGHT LIGHT〗 It is proven that people fall asleep easily under soothing light - the KFiAQ sleep machine will be a great tool for you. It can set a comforting atmosphere with the soft LED night lights, which supports 7 levels of adjustable brightness setting, creating a warm and relaxing environment, providing soft lighting to make you feel more secure, perfect for the family.
  • ♫〖2 POWER SUPPLY & PORTABLE〗 With a micro-USB cable and a wall DC adapter, you can plug it by your bed, in a PC at work, or auxiliary USB port in your vehicle for different charging demands. The portable sound machine fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Fashionable and lightweight design easily fits into your handbag, backpack or suitcase making it easy to bring your sleep sounds with you wherever you go so you can rest well on the road.
  • ♫〖NON-STOP PLAYING OR TIMER〗 KFiAQ white noise sound machine features a convenient timer that can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. What’s more, the adjustable volume ranges from very quiet to super loud. Easily adjust the right volume to drown out random noise to lull you to fall asleep & stay asleep, and build a right decibel level for you. There is also the choice of allowing it to run until you manually stop it, giving you unlimited peace.
  • ♫〖A BEST GIFT WITH 100% WARRANTY〗– KFiAQ noise machine offers a great solution to enhance sleeping quality. It also makes an ideal tool for office privacy protection and increasing workers concentration. 100% Quality & Service Satisfaction Promise. We are confident that our White Noise Machines are designed and made under strict quality standards to offer the best experience. Feel free to share with us if you have any issues or surprises.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: KFiAQ


KFiAQ White Noise Machine - a sound defensive wall safeguard your sleep


Adjustable Volume

Volume is fully adjustable to your exact needs and pleasure, rotating volume control knob to control your personal sound environment 

and meet all your sound masking requirements.

Direct Plug-In Adapter or USB Operated

KFiAQ Sleep Machine is powered by USB cable or direct plug-in adapter. It can be used with adapter, USB power outlet, computer/laptop

USB port, USB auto adapter.


KFiAQ white noise sleep machine features a convenient timer, the optional sleep timer gently auto-off timer after 30, 60 or 90 minutes, 

so you don't have to worry about turning it off; Or you could set non-stop playing modes. Any noise can not disturb you.


It is proved that people fall asleep easily under soothing light - this noise machine will be a great tool for sleep. You can acting as atmosphere 

beside lamp by selecting 7 gears adjustable brightness setting which could be turned off if you don't want it.

Listen Privately

This white noise machine with a built-in headphone jack.  you can listen to the white noise privately in public places and helps you block out 

distractions, focus on what matters

Portable for Travel

Compact and portable design, make it convenient for you to take it anywhere. If you're tired of losing sleep in hotel rooms while traveling, 

KFiAQ white noise sound machine soothing you to sleep easily.


Color: Dark Gray

USB Output: 5V, 1A

Package Size: 6.7*5.1*2.1 inch

Power: Direct Plug-In Adapter or USB Operated

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.1 x 2.9 inches