Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares 144, Fire Starters for Fireplace, Wood Stove & Grill, Camp Fire Pit Charcoal Starters 50B, USA Made

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Brand: Bangerz Sunz


  • ✅ ALL-PURPOSE & VERSITILE – Get a fire going anywhere fast. Easily combustible fire starters are designed to start fires fast. Great for camping, pit fires, or charcoal lighters for barbequing (Doesn’t flavor food)
  • ✅ NATURAL FIRE STARTER – Ecofriendly product made with non-toxic recycled wood chips and wax, emits up to 80% less carbon monoxide. “Go Green” (No lighter fluid necessary)
  • ✅ WEATHER RESISTANT LIGHTER NUGGETS – Designed for all weather conditions, these robust squares ignite even when wet
  • ✅ SAFETY FIRST – Our safe lite produces no flare ups, perfect for safely lighting indoor fires. Safely light up a cozy fireplace or wood stove, and its a must have accessory for your emergency survival kit
  • ✅ EASY TO USE & HASSLE FREE – Quick, and ready to use with no kindling or paper required to ignite. Place squares into desired application and ignite. Squares break apart very easily to meet your requirements

Publisher: Rutland 50B


Our versatile fire starters easily ignite fires, and support both indoor and outdoor applications. No need for dry twigs
or newspapers to start a fire. Squares conveniently come apart easily to fit your every need, and will light even when
wet. Perfect for the great outdoors, backyard barbeques, camping, grilling on wood stoves, fire pits and much more.
These are an absolute must have addition to your survival kit.

Applications: Camping, hiking, fishing, BBQ

Uses: Camp fire, barbeque grill & fire pit, indoor/outdoor grill, wood stove

Materials: Recycled wood chips and wax

NO LIGHTER FLUID NEEDED - Squares eliminate the need for lighter fluid
WEATHERPROOF - Designed to light up in any kind of weather condition
ECOFRIENDLY - Made with all-natural, environment friendly ingredients
SAFE FOR INDOOR USE - Safely start a fire in closed quarters

Quickly light up a fireplace, grill, fire pit or wood stove, with our all-natural and easy to use fire starters. Safe for everyday use
around the household, and its a great inclusion to standard survival kits for all your outdoor adventures. No need for rolled up
newspapers, lighter fluid, or wasting time searching for dried twigs. Everything you need and more in our portable, easy to use
lighter squares

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.2 x 3.1 inches