Outdoor pure titanium firewood stove

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  • Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove Outdoor Camping Multi-Fuels Alcohol Stove BBQ Stove 
  • Titanium construction extreme durability as well as minimal weight. Wide opening design for convenient adding wood and improved airflow, higher burning efficiency. Cross-stand trivet creates a stable cooking platform for any pot size. Easy to set up and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, twigs, branches, leaves. 
  • Weighs only 7.3oz and packs flat that fits into your pocket and backpack, very easy to carry. This stove is made of a titanium construction, extremely durable, and super light. Connect all the panels on each side, which will take a few seconds to complete. Cook a meal with fuel easy to find, unlimited as wood, branches, leaves, and paper to cook a meal wherever you set your camp, without chemical emissions, is not the carbon footprint? Fold the flat stove and put it in a pocket or backpack to start a low carbon trip.
  • Specifications: Material: Titanium Top length: 98mm Dimension: 125 * 125 * 160mm / 4.9 * 4.9 * 6.3in Weight: 204g / 7.2oz Total Weight: 223g / 7.9oz Package size: 150x7, 0x27mm / 177x5.9 x inches Package Weight: 278g / 9.8oz Package
  • List: 1 Foldable Wood Stove 1 * Storage Bag


☆ Applicable number 1-2 people 

 ☆ stove type multi-purpose fuel furnace 

☆Boiler structure Split type 

☆Applicable environment Ordinary outdoor environment 

☆ Maximum fire burning time ∞ 

☆weight 208g 

☆ fuel type firewood branches and leaves 

☆ Color classification Other ☆Is there an ignition device? 

☆ Average boiling time 5mins/L H?O

 ☆Specifications (length * width * height) 160*125*98MM