ZODI Extreme SC Hot Camp Shower

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ZODI Extreme SC Hot Camp Shower

ZODI Extreme SC Hot Shower Camp ShowerHygiene is very important whether you're at home or you're out in the woods, and it's hard to find anything more refreshing than a nice hot shower at the end of a long day of hiking or any other outdoor activity. Typically, showers are not readily available when you're out camping unless you own an RV or you're staying at campgrounds that offer shower facilities, but now there's a solution even for the most die-hard of campers who enjoy backcountry camping but still want to shower. Not sure when it became a thing but now portable showers seem to be hitting the market every day. Here is one of our favorites from ZODI: The Extreme SC Hot Shower System. The system isn’t exactly new but I love how simple it is and figure I could make it work even without the burner that it comes with. One other cool thing about this system is that you can use the stove as a stand-alone product for cooking meals. The tank does have a pressure relief valve so you don’t blow it up and a temperature strip so you know that the water is going to be the perfect temperature. Zodi does have some new on-demand hot water systems and you can see more at their website here: https://zodi.com


Simple, effective and oh so refreshing!

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