Your Guide to an Armageddon-Proof Bug Out Location

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Your Guide to an Armageddon-Proof Bug Out Location

Disasters, catastrophes, and chaos are what survivalists and preppers have been getting ready for, and with reason.   They believe that worse becomes worst when it occurs in an urban setting with a great number of people scrambling and fighting for survival. The most obvious solution, therefore, is to have a secure and foolproof bug out location. A safe house away from home where one can hunker down temporarily or indefinitely until the current devastating situation tides over. Lucky are those who can readily afford it, yet, it's not as easy. Numerous factors will have to be taken into consideration, the most crucial of which will be discussed here.

What to look for in an ideal bug out location 

Location, location, location.

With your loved ones'  safety in mind, find the best location that will suit your needs and priorities. This is one aspect that will mostly determine how well you and your family can survive an SHTF situation. 

Pay attention to the following as you decide where to go:

  • Distance 
  • Establishing how far you should go can be a dilemma. An anticipated diaspora will make you want to run as far as you can get from ground zero. But getting there in good time is imperative, too. Strike a balance between these two elements as you plan on how to get there. 

    The inevitable fatigue when going on foot would mean you can't go much farther than about 60 miles from your city. Remember that you will also be carrying some essentials in your bug out bag with you. 

    Driving will certainly allow you to go much farther and faster. Assume that you won't have the chance to refill so your full tank should be enough to get you to your destination unless you can bring some spare fuel along.

    Seclusion is important when selecting your bugout location

  • Seclusion
  • The key to your survival lies in not being found. Look for an isolated spot that has the advantage of cover from sight, hearing, or smell. 

    Day or night, your safe house should be onerous to discover, intentionally or by accident. Lights, fire, and smoke should not be visible and camouflaged at all times. Always be mindful of the sounds you make and do your cooking at night so that the aroma from your cooking is not detected by some passerby. 

  •  Memorize Your Routes
  • Make sure that your bug out vehicle always has a full tank and is in good running condition.  Map out at least three various avenues or itineraries that will securely get you to your designated safe house. 

    The main roads are most accessible and fast, but they could either be clogged or blocked.  In these situations, predetermined alternative routes are most valuable. 

  •  Habitat
  • Take note of the climate in your location and what sort of protection you are seeking from your hideout when building your refuge. Also, you might consider installing a temporary structure like a tent or shack, while working on a permanent one. 

    If you can't get to your bug out location fast enough, be equipped with the necessary all-weather camping gear and supplies for quick stops. 

    Fresh water is key to survival

  • Water is Life
  • We cannot overemphasize the importance of water, not only for drinking but for countless purposes like cooking, washing, and growing food as well. A good source of running water can even provide you with electricity. 

    Especially when an extended stay is a possibility, ensure that you have a continuous, clean, and potable source of water. Seek an area with maybe a spring, well, stream or lake. 

  • Everything You Need 
  • Being stranded in your hideaway indefinitely will require that you are self-sufficient and all the essentials for survival are available to you.  Having secured your source of water, food supply is the next most important.  Grow a vegetable and fruit garden and raise livestock.  To cook with and keep yourself warm, keep a steady reserve of firewood and utilize available sources of electricity to make everyday living even a tad more comfortable. 

  • Safety and Protection 
  • There is safety in numbers thus, being in an isolated area makes you vulnerable to attacks in various forms.  Be ready to defend your fort at all times. 

    A concealed and inaccessible bug-out place is the first line of defense. In addition, ascertain that you are always ready for uninvited guests by ensuring that you are aware of their approach and every movement. 

    Be quite familiar and knowledgeable about your location and learn how to use it to your advantage. Strategize way in advance for every possible scenario to keep you a step ahead of any intruder who might harm you and your family or damage your property. 

    For additional security, acquire a couple of sentry alarm mines that you can attach to tripwires and load with .22 blank bullets. 

  •  Acts of Nature 
  • Every location has its prevalence of specific natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc.   Learning about them, how often and severe they can be will prepare you for the inevitable. These are the premises by which you design your retreat. An area frequently struck by hurricanes needs a structure strong enough to withstand them. Also, a good understanding of the locality's edge or downsides gives you the prerogative to either stay or go somewhere else.

  •  Red Tape 
  • Bureaucracy will follow you to the ends of the earth. One can't just stake a claim on any land they fancy. Learn and comply with the existing policies in acquiring the property of your choice to avoid complications and getting into trouble with the law.
    finding the perfect bugout location

    Finding the perfect bug out location

    You already have the specifications in mind, the next step is how to find it. Thanks to the internet, you may just click on your preferred area's rural land websites, real estate registers, or Craigslist. 

    Be wary of too good to be true proposals. View the property yourself and bring a dependable real estate agent along. Scout the vicinity and ask around. Gather all the pertinent facts before letting go of your hard-earned money. 

    As with everything else, a specialist in the field is the best person to consult. We are affiliated with some of the best real estate companies who have the expertise in choosing the perfect bug out location for you. You will be guided most comprehensively and professionally enabling you to reach a most sagacious decision. Connect with us and we will gladly accommodate you. 

    Coming up with the resources to purchase a shelter that may cost between $10,000-20,000 or more can become a major issue. This is where practicality sets in, gather the people you most trust, and are comfortable with and agree on pitching in. This way, when the emergency strikes and it's time for all of you to stay at your hideout, there will be more hands to share the work. 

    If finances are really difficult, go the public (free) route. National forests can make a great hideaway as long as you plan carefully. Get hold of maps and personally visit your selected site. Make sure there is a good source of water and food and that you can build your refuge most inconspicuously. 

    perfect bugout locations in the United States of America

    U. S. prime bug-out locations

    Check out these regions. They are some of the more affordable, secluded, and natural resources - endowed areas most suited as a potential bug out location. 

     Austin the Texas Hill Country 

    In central Texas, you will find what is arguably the ultimate place to bug out.

    Due to its location and topography, most natural calamities such as earthquakes, landslides, and drought are almost unheard of. 

    It is surrounded by rivers and lakes; thus, growing crops is never a problem. 

    The population is optimal with a propensity for self-sufficiency.  There is a great opportunity for employment in any of its numerous industries.

    Peace and order is not a major concern as it upholds the second amendment rights.


    Your search for a low-cost piece of fertile land probably ends here. Resources for water and food are ample as its temperate climate is beneficial for growing crops. Game hunting is a plus especially for those who seek the thrill. 

    As earlier mentioned, major highways are convenient but getting there during a large and major threat is more feasible by taking the county roads. Get ahead by familiarizing yourself with the less commonly used thoroughfares to avoid clogged highways. 

    North and South Dakota 

    The Dakotas are comparatively less populated, have much land to spare, and fewer major urban settings; factors that score high in the bug out location challenge. Teeming with food grown from fertile soil and game for hunting, they are highly rated candidates when narrowing down your choices. 

    On the downside, winters are biting, and tornadoes pose a threat.  

    Go northwest

    The Rockies offer lands that are inexpensive with less restrictive building policies. Resources are abundant and hunting is good though winters may be bitter cold. Browse through the sites of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. 

    The south

    The sunny states of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi with their warm summers and temperate winters are rich in resources, food, and water and offer isolated properties for the consummate refuge. 

    Pacific northwest

    Properties in the Washington and Oregon states do not come as low-priced but they have lower population rates and bountiful natural resources that will amply supply food through crops and game hunting. Heavy rains and the occasional volcanic activity make for the very fertile land.

    Your safety is worth the effort.

    Finding the ideal bug out property can be tedious at best. But, it's an experience worth having as it will afford you and your family the security amidst the unexpected. And, while you are at it, exhilarate in the feeling of adventure as you go sightseeing and even camping while searching for the perfect spot. If it all sounds overwhelming, start with the basics such as your available resources and right where you are currently residing. Don't hesitate to ask for professional help, we are here to serve. 

    Maybe you would like to share some ideas regarding bug out locations? Please do so in the comments below! 

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