What Are Bug Out Location Factors?

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What Are Bug Out Location Factors?

Let's talk about Bug Out locations and the two most important factors of choosing yours. We will cover in detail the two main factors and mention a few other considerations that we will cover in greater detail in another article.

Bug Out location distance 

Choosing a Bug Out LocationThe first consideration for your Bug Out location is the distance, both the distance from dense populations and the overall travel distance. Bug Out locations are designed to put distance between you and other humans so when choosing a location you must decide how far you want to travel to get there and how sparse the population will be when you do. 

Remember the act of bugging out is putting distance between you and people who are unprepared and might act with desperate measures. Having distance between you and the masses is great with the exception that you're going to have to travel farther, so you will need to find a balance between travel distance and population density. 

Keeping your travel distance to a minimum is critical, the longer you have to travel the more potential problems you are going to face. Major roadways could be shut down immediately, or packed with people trying to get out of Dodge as well, or maybe even roadblocks by people who plan on robbing you. 

In the event of contagious outbreaks, it is typically the goal of governments to quarantine their citizens, so you might be turned around sent back home. This means that you have to plan your bug out route accordingly, Make sure that you have at least three separate ways to get out of your area. Also, choose routes when possible that are lightly used and have a smaller chance of roadblocks. 

Obviously you want to make sure that your Bug Out location is not densely populated area and it should be at least 2 walking days distance from desperate people who were unprepared. Another consideration when choosing a Bug Out location concerning distance is how are you going to get there? What happens if you are not able to drive to the location and you have to walk in the worst-case scenario? Considering the maximum you're probably going to want to travel per day is 10 miles or 17KM (this is a considerable distance especially when carrying a loaded B.O.B.) You're going to want to keep your distance to no more than 50 miles or 80 KM and make sure that you've packed enough food, water, shelter, and security items to safely get you there over the next five days. 

Of course, you are first going to try to drive to your location, but if your vehicle is rendered useless in the event of something like an EMP or all roads leading to your Bug out location are possible then you're going to have to walk oh, so prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

If you were looking at purchasing land to act as a Bug Out location then you just need to ask yourself two questions concerning distance and they are: 

  1. Is it safe to get from your current location to the Bug Out location during a major crisis? 
  2. Is the Bug out location an adequate distance from high-density populations? 

The second consideration of a good Bug Out location is its water availability. 

A Bugout Location Must Have A Water SourceA good Bug Out location must have a natural source of water that is either on the land or very close to it. Having an adequate water source is one of the most important survival aspects you will face, so don't purposely put yourself in a position where gathering water is going to be an issue. 

If at all possible when choosing a Bug Out Location to purchase, choose one that has a pond, river, or lake on it or nearby. Creating a self-replenishing water storage system is a great idea but it's not always practical depending on the environment you live in. if you're planning to bug out to a desert location make sure you stock up on lots of water. Remember you need approximately 1 gallon per person per day so having a water source available is essential. 

A good water source can have many benefits other than just hydration for a Bug Out location. If your location has a stream or river then there is potential for hydroelectric setup, or if your location has a small lake or deep pond been there is potential to stock it with fish. 

Benefits of a good water source:

  1. Hydration 
  2. Sanitation
  3. Power
  4. Food Source

When considering the Water Source on your property make sure that it is a reliable water source and it's not going to dry up during a drought. You have to ask yourself is this water source available all year round? Is the water safe to drink?  how many other people might potentially know about this water source and seek it out during an emergency? 

These are two great topics to consider when choosing your Bug Out location, this will quickly help you narrow down potential areas that you can then narrow down to a location that is going to work for you. 

Some other factors for a good Bug Out location that you're going to need to consider are:

  1. Shelter - this is something that can be built once you have chosen an adequate Bug Out location. types of shelters necessary are going to be different depending on your location.
  2. Defendability -  is this location defendable if the need arises? again there are many things that you can do to make your Bug Out location defendable once you have chosen an area that has good distance and water. 
  3. Camouflage -  of course, your Bug Out location should be well camouflaged and not easily located by other humans. 

As always let us know if we've missed anything that we should be considering when choosing a great Bug Out location in the comments below. We are also Preppers and always learning and wanting to share with our community.

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