Top 5 Emergency Food & Freeze dried Supplies

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Top 5 Emergency Food & Freeze dried Supplies



Prepare for the worst by stocking up on emergency food supplies! Here at armed, we like to say “emergencies aren't planned survival is” and this phrase was never truer than when preparing for a food shortage.

We don't know when disaster is going to strike whether it's a natural disaster or something that's man-made, One thing that we do know is that grocery stores are only going to have about a week’s supply of food before they completely run out, and humans are trained to react by Panic shopping as events happen.

You need to stay ahead of the curve by keeping Emergency Food Supplies on hand in advance of any disruption to our food supply, you can do this by purchasing pre-made long-term storage food or you can prepare your own.

We feel that there is a combination of the two that would best suit most people and their budgets, and that is storing rice, flour, sugar, canned goods, dried pasta and other food that will keep for a reasonably long period of time.

These are foods that you're going to use every day so simply purchase a couple of extras every time you go to the grocery store and slowly build up your stockpile of Emergency Food Supplies.

Every time you buy food that is already in your emergency stockpile simply replace what you were going to use with food that's already stored in the Emergency Food Supplies, this will keep your shelf life at a maximum.

The Next Step would be buying already prepared Emergency Food Supplies from companies such as Valley Food Storage, Mountain House, Wise company, and the list goes on. This is all freeze-dried food that can last for 25 years or more with proper storage, most of it tastes fantastic and is already pre-portioned into the calories that you're going to need throughout the day. The only downside to this freeze-dried emergency food is that it is not cheap, you can expect to pay over $1,000 for a 30-day supply for one person.

One other option would be buying your own machine so that you can prepare your own freeze-dried food, companies like Harvest Right offer home use machines it allows you to prepare freeze-dried food in your own home.

Harvest trade also supplies the mylar storage bags and sealing systems as well as oxygen removers so that you can safely store your prepared food 25 years or more. Here is our top 5 prepared emergency food supplies that you can get on Amazon today.

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