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Disasters, catastrophes, and chaos are what survivalists and preppers have been getting ready for, and with reason.   They believe that worse becomes worst when it occurs in an urban setting with a great number of people scrambling and fighting for survival. The most obvious solution, therefore, is to have a secure and foolproof bug out location. 

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All you are going to need is an old motorcycle chain, paracord, rubber banding, and some super glue.   Now you are ready to make a slingshot that is very powerful, accurate, and ready for bow fishing.  Watch the tutorial from Facebook creator Cambo Lifestyle as he makes the slingshot and then uses it to shot a large fish.  Now is all this really necessary for creating a slingshot, probably not, but it is creative and effective. I will personally stick to using an old tree branch as it will be much lighter, less messy, and of course, I get...

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