Rooftop Tent Cargo Box by Thule

Rooftop Tent Cargo Box by Thule

thule tepui hyboxHere at AARMED we are big fans of the rooftop tent for camping. The tents will provide you with that extra space that is typically not utilized on your rooftop allowing more storage space or a camp kitchen where you might not otherwise have room. We of course have seen many people do this with their Jeep Wranglers and I actually have a rooftop tent on my mini toy hauler trailer. 

The one downside for a lot of people is that the rooftop tent then takes up all the space that would normally be used by a roof rack and we're back to square one with not having enough space for all our camping gear. 

That makes this new design by Thule really amazing. The Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge makes the rooftop tent even more useful by having a double as a fully functional cargo box where you can store all kinds of camping gear. 

This isn't a completely new concept as there have been a couple of rooftop tents but also doubled as cargo boxes but they were a box-shaped tent and you had to open it from multiple sides to deploy it or put anything in it making it a little bit unfriendly to use. What Thule has done here is make a wedge shape rooftop tent that can be opened from the back allowing you to fill it with your gear from only one side. 

thule tepui hyboxthule tepui hyboxthule tepui hybox

What shape rooftop tents are very convenient and this one is no different, once you remove your gear simply lock the wedge into place and you have a comfortable sleeping space for two people. this tent uses 260 g coated fabric that is made from a waterproof blend of cotton, polyester, and mesh with an insulated interior which makes it a great option for 3 season camping. 

If you choose to you can remove all the fabric from the interior of the wedge box and turn it into a complete cargo box. This is done by simply unzipping it from its position and taking it out. it's that simple. what temp does come with a  telescoping ladder which makes it easy to climb up and down into the tent or simply to grab stuff out of the cargo box oh, the 10th also comes with a foam mattress so there's no need to purchase a separate sleeping pad.

The Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge  Is available now and priced at $2,995.95.

It can be purchased at REI Co-Op

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