Ram Falls Provincial Park

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Ram Falls Provincial Park

Ram Falls is an Alberta Provincial Park located about 95 kilometers West of Rocky Mountain House or 64 kilometers south of Nordegg Alberta On Highway 734. The park does have a nice Campground and gets a very good rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars online for its rustic quiet charm. If you are going to try out the campground it does have toilets available, but be aware there is no firewood or drinking water available on the site, and there is almost never any cell service in this area.  

Ram Falls Alberta with snow


Forestry Trunk Road Highway 734 can be rough at times depending on the weather, it also has many steep and windy sections. there are loads of people that bring in large fifth-wheel campers and even a few motorhomes but please drive with caution. 

The weather in this area is very unpredictable and can be pretty chilly even in July or August so bring lots of firewood or extra blankets especially if you work tenting it. It's not uncommon to see snow in July here.



Ram Falls Provincial ParkThe main draw to this area is the breathtaking view of Ram Falls, a platform with stairs has been built to provide some really amazing and safe views of the falls. Keep an eye out for the iconic bighorn sheep they're often viewed along the banks of the river, or on the forestry Trunk Road like I saw driving in. 

Big Horn Sheep Ram Falls AlbertaIf you're looking for a hike this is not the place really, there is a very short 0.8 km hike in and out to view the waterfall and that's about it. I guess you could walk around the campground, but it is just a short, flat walk. On the plus side if you want to go in for a walk, view the falls and then stop and have a picnic there are fire pits available oh, and the scenery is pretty much unbeatable. 

This is a great place to take the kids, but be very careful if you plan on walking along the gorge edge at all, there are very steep slopes along the edge and no safety railings. The stairs down to the viewing platform do have safety railings in place. 

Overall for such a short walk, you are rewarded with breathtaking views and an amazing waterfall.

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