Practical Yes, But Also Fashionable

Practical Yes, But Also Fashionable

Paracord BraceletParacord is known worldwide as a great survival tool for its sheer usefulness whether it is building a shelter, starting a fire, tripwires, snares, stone-throwing sling, or even a monkey fist self-defense weapon. This has made paracord bracelets very popular amongst survivalists, military personal, bushcraft practitioners, and preppers. 

Fashion Forward

Paracord Bracelet Spartan Many makers have seen that people were very interested in the practical uses of paracord and decided that they could make products that are useful but also fashionable. We are seeing many new bracelet designs that bring even more practical uses but also look amazing that you would be proud to show off. 

Let us know what you think about some of these cool designs and maybe even show us your paracord bracelets in the comments. 



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