Our Favorite Overlanding Rigs For The Week Of May 25th, 2020

Our Favorite Overlanding Rigs For The Week Of May 25th, 2020

Here are our favourite overlanding rigs found on Instagram for the week of May 25th, 2020


Mule Expeditions Dune Buggy

What a cool little off-roader with #rooftoptent • @mule_expeditionoutfitters

H1 Hummer Overlanding Setup

Check out this awesome Hummer H1 overlanding conversion. this would be awesome to take out for the weekend. 📷 • @redshydraulics Ready to go Camping. I have my Automatic Hard Shell Rooftop tent mounted, powder coated and ready to sleep in!

Unimog 4x4 Overlander

This is awesome. • @our_caravaning MERCEDES BENZ UNIMOG 4x4 CAMPER TRUCK

U1300 Dual Cab Pop Top Camper

Posted @withregram • @unidanengineering U1300 DUAL CAB POP-TOP CAMPER - For Sale!
Keep an eye out next week, this absolute beast of an overland expedition vehicle will be hitting the market! With a spec list to drool over and a once-off set up, you'll be itching to get your hands on it.

Ford 4x4 Van Built for Overlanding

@_leg._ Spring is in the air! To bad I have to hide out during this quarintine. Week 7? Who knows anymore. Just thankful my rolling haunted house is keeping me safe and sane. .

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