Murder Hornets Are Real! "No Joke"

Murder Hornets Are Real! "No Joke"

The “murder hornet”, it's a real thing and it's a real concern.

No, we are not joking there is a real Hornet that researchers call “murder hornet”  and it is now been found in North America both in Washington State and British Columbia Canada. It is actually the Asian giant hornet but it is earned its nickname by killing other species of hornets and bees by ripping their heads off and then eating the larvae for protein to feed to its next generation of queens. 

The murder hornet has a venomous sting that can kill a human if stung enough times even without having an allergic reaction. The Stinger is strong enough to puncture a beekeeper suit, so special suits must be worn if you are dealing with this dangerous insect. They are more than 2 inches in length and I've already begun attacking beehives in both Washington State and British Columbia. 

This is a major concern as bee populations that pollinate crops are already in a massive decline and this invasive species could completely wipe them out. 

How did these Hornets get to North America? 

Scientists have yet to report exactly how the murder Hornet has made it across the ocean to North America, but they suspect they hitched a ride on an international cargo ship. the Hornets were first discovered in December of 2019 and it becomes active again in April 2020 when the queens emerge from hibernation to build nests and form colonies. 

If you happen to spot what appears to be a giant wasp make sure you report it to the Department of Agriculture, but don't get too close. If you do stumble upon them get away as quickly as you can, remember they possess a potent neurotoxin and their stings will be very painful and have the potential to kill you.

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