LC79 Super Tourer By Patriot Campers

LC79 Super Tourer By Patriot Campers

If you've never heard of Patriot Campers out of Australia you're missing out on some of the greatest purpose-built overlanding vehicles on the planet!

Patriot campers are very famous for their camper trailers such as their most popular model X1, X1-H, X3, and their toy hauler trailers, but one of their builds in my opinion really put them on the map and that was the LC79 Super Tourer

LC79 Super Tourer by Patriot CampersThis build is based on Toyotas GXL Landcruiser dual cab And has a V8 turbo diesel engine. Patriot campers have taken their awesome styling, capability, and comfort to a whole new level with this build. the truck looks very menacing with its all-black design and features a kitchenette on the passenger side, a huge storage compartment, and a lockable slide-out drawer system. some of the options available are the James Baroud EVO roof-top tent, Recaro seats, and a mini canopy. 

They show off its off-road capabilities constantly on their YouTube channel Patriot Campers and it is pretty impressive. Toyota Land Cruisers have always had a great reputation for their off-road capabilities Patriot campers takes it to a whole nother level with Upgraded EFS suspension, TJM bar work, both front and rear winches, Mickey Thompson tires, snorkel kit, light bars and more. 


These incredible off-road machines start at about $90,000 USD and go up from there depending on the model you are looking for. Patriot campers also customize the Dodge Ram in both the 1500 series and the 2500 series, and they even have a 6x6 model based off the same Toyota LC79. 

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