Judy - The Mover Go Bag - Stocked Up For Everything You Need On The Fly

Judy - The Mover Go Bag - Stocked Up For Everything You Need On The Fly

We talk a lot about GO bags on this website,  and how important it is to be ready to go at a moment's notice in the event of an emergency. More than 60% of all families surveyed are not ready to go in the event of an emergency, the company JUDY is hoping to change that with an at home ready kit packed with multifunctional essentials called the Mover. 

The kits range in size from “The Safe” to “The Safety”  but the most popular kit is “The Mover” or “The Mover Max”. 

Judy emergency KitJudy Emergency KitJudy Emergency Kit

The Safe is designed for a family of 4 to survive 72 hours and supplies them with everything from food, water, medical supplies, communications, and other important items. 

The Mover and Mover Max are designed to get you through the first 48 hours for either a family of four or two people. they are designed more like a backpack dry bag. 

The Starter is like a fanny pack and designed for one person for use when an emergency sneaks up on you. 

The Safety is a one-person travel kit much like a shaving kit and is filled with items such as KN95 masks and hand sanitizer.

For more information on what they have available, you can go to their website at https://judy.co/

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