FLX Electric Bikes - Changing The Way We Think About Electric Bikes

FLX Electric Bikes - Changing The Way We Think About Electric Bikes

FLX Blade 2.0 Mountain Bike & The Babymaker Road Bike

Have you ever heard of FLX electric bikes? If not you're going to want to read this article because these bikes are changing the way we think about riding. The bikes that will be talking about in particular in this article is the FLX Blade 2.0, which is the much-anticipated follow up to the very successful FLX Blade mountain bike that was released in 2018.

The original FLX Blade Was built and designed as a purpose-made Xtreme Off-Road electric bike with a thousand watt mid Drive motor and 17.5 ah battery cranking out 48 volts making the bike capable of reaching speeds of 40 mph per hour. Stopping power is provided by extra-large 203 mm, quad piston, hydraulic disc brakes. This bike is so fast and Powerful that in some areas it requires licensing, insurance, and lights and is classified as a moped when being used on public roads.


Now jump forward to 2020 And the blade 2.0 has some serious upgrades and the latest technology that guarantees this is going to be one exciting electric bike. The 1000 watt motor will remain the same but they've jumped the battery out to 52 Volts for more power and performance. The new battery also has more capacity moving up to 884 WH from 840 WH for more range.

The 2.0 also features the Rohloff Speedhub Shifter It has so many advantages over the traditional chain/derailleur drivetrain, and the Speedhub can actually handle the mass amount of torque that the 2.0 dishes out. This is paired with the Carbon Gates Belt Drive system which means no grease, no noise, and almost no maintenance.

Now this bike isn't cheap at $5,729.00 US, but if you want the baddest bike on the trails then this is the one to have. Orders yours at FLX Blade 2.0 for a mid-August ship date.

The Babymaker Pro - Stealth Road eBike With Belt Drive

What can I say? This bike is a simple attractive design the features a lightweight frame (32lbs total), concealed battery, A Carbon Gates belt drive system, Magura Hydraulic disc brakes, 36v 7ah battery, and a powerful hub motor that will propel you to speeds of 25 miles an hour plus.

This road bike is stunning, sexy, sleek, and attractive.  you really have to look at it to even realize that it is an e-bike. It's featured right now on Indiegogo where it is already raised over 12 million dollars in funding and has an estimated shipping date of October 2020. 


This is a one of a kind bike that combines the beauty and simplicity of a classic road bike with the innovative design, power, capacity, and convenience of a bike. 

If you want to learn more about this ride go to FLX's Indigogo page for more information. FLX Indigogo

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