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If you love an overlanding you have to read our blog about this amazing and capable extreme offroad camper by German manufacturer Bocklet fahrzeugbau. They have been creating custom-built motorhomes and long-distance expedition vehicles as well as special-purpose vehicles for commercial use for over 30 years. The first thing you need to know about these units is that the company builds them to customer specifications, you are going to have it built the way you want it.

Priced at €400,000 these units are not gonna be in everybody’s budget, but if you’re going to dream, dream big. And trust us, this unit is a dream machine.

On the outside, these machines are incredibly capable off-road trucks, built for rugged terrain and give you the ability to go where only a few can, but once you get inside the camper box things change quickly as it is quite luxurious and attractive.

At the very back of the unit, there is an elevated bed platform with locks a couple of glass windows with security locks on them and on one side of the bed, there is a storage system. In the center portion of the cabin there is another nice locking window that opens a table that can be converted into another sleeping station and cabinets up high. On the opposite side of the table is the kitchen area, there is another large opening window and cabinets above as well as a stove, sink, and a good amount of cabinet space for food preparation. When you first enter the cabin area there will be a locker for storage on your right-hand side and a small 4 ft.³ fridge freezer unit above it.and directly in front of you is the combination bathroom shower set up. at the very front of the unit, there is a small door that allows access into the cab of the truck and right above that is the electricals control box where you can keep an eye on all of the major components of the cabin including your solar system, and onboard water. The cabin also features a massive skylight that really brightens up the area and makes it feel much larger and more welcoming.
















Of course, there’s a full heating and air-conditioning system in the cabin as this is a Four season expedition vehicle. There are many options available with these units including the cassette toilet with SOG system which is so much nicer than having to empty the septic traditionally. The tanks which are heated include a 365 L freshwater and 190 L gray water, you can get TV and automatic satellite, Radio CD with Bluetooth, a roof carrier and spare wheel carrier, additional storage boxes, a 600 L fuel tank and much more.



For More Information on this or one of their other models you can go to their website at Bocklet fahrzeugbau













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