ASMOKE The Portable Smoker For Camping Trips

ASMOKE The Portable Smoker For Camping Trips

I would love to take my smoker with me when I go camping, but with limited space available it just isn't feasible oh, that is until now. 

Introducing the ASMOKE - Portable Applewood Pellet Grill Currently running a funding campaign on Indiegogo promises to bring Smoky sweet flavors with 100% natural applewood pellets right to your campsite. 

ASMOKE portable smokerWith its compact size it is easy to pack up and bring with you, but keep in mind you are still going to need a 120-volt AC outlet to power the smoker. it does come equipped with a side bucket to collect extra oil and grease for EZ Disposal, It has a programmable meat probe pork so that you'll have quick and accurate temperature readings and no when your meal is ready. Front of the smoker has a temperature dial ranging from 180 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with a color LED digital temperature display, so you can cook low and slow or fast and hot, it's up to you. 


ASMOKE Pellet AutofeedThe smoker also features a pellet autoloader which regulates the heat and means you don't have to sit around babysitting and refilling manually. ASMOKE claims but it uses up to 20% fewer pellets than other grills which means less clean up and you'll spend less money on pellets. 

So if you're looking for a smoker to bring on your next camping trip, tailgating party, or just smaller smoker to put on your back porch you might want to check out their Indiegogo campaign but is running right now. ASMOKE Indiegogo

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