Armed Instagram Overlanding Vehicles June 15th- June 23rd 2020

Armed Instagram Overlanding Vehicles June 15th- June 23rd 2020

Here are our top five posts from our overlanding Instagram feed this week by popularity.

#5Camper of the Future 

Hymer Camper@travelworldmotorhomes HYMER is pleased to announce the award of "Best of the best" for the VisionVenture concept vehicle awarded by the German Design Council. The concept impressed with its extraordinary and innovative interior and exterior design, this vehicle gives us a glimpse into the future of motorhome manufacture.

#4 - Hummer Overlanding Conversion


Hummer Overlanding ConversionCheck out this awesome Hummer H1 overlanding conversion. this would be awesome to take out for the weekend. 📷 • @redshydraulics Ready to go Camping. I have my Automatic Hard Shell Rooftop tent mounted, powder-coated, and ready to sleep in!!

#3 - Mule Expedition Outfitters


Mule Expedition Outfitters Starting life as a Land Rover and then turned into a Traka before getting a makeover by Mule Expedition Outfitters this cool little rig looks like it would be at home on the sand dunes or a backcountry trail, and where you stop is where you sleep.

#2 - 

 Offroad GMC Van Rendering 

GMC Van Rendering This GMC 4x4 van would make for a cool camper! I think this is just a render and don’t know the owner. So many comments from fans wanting to make this their daily driver, and I am one of them. If we could only convince GMC to bring this beauty back with that aggressive front end and 4x4 stance. Who cares about gas mileage!


The RIDA BURANThe RIDA BURAN is an armored personnel carrier line that comes in many different models I personally like the APC5 with the truck bed on the back which would make this one mean looking go-anywhere expedition vehicle. You can check out their profile @rida_inside 

Well, that's the list of the top overlanding vehicles that were found on the @aarmedgear Instagram page. Please like and follow us on Instagram for cool content daily and if you want you ride featured send us a DM there. 


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