AERIAL A1 Tree Tent / Hammock by OPEONGO

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AERIAL A1 Tree Tent / Hammock by OPEONGO

If you are looking for a tent hammock system but want that flat bottom sleeping surface you might want to check out this Kickstarter campaign that just finished a very successful 30-day campaign where they raised over $400,000 dollars. 

The creators Andrew and Jacob are no strangers to the great outdoors and both share a love for camping, but they are also professional industrial designers and know how to bring a product to market. 


This, of course, is not the first tree tent that we have seen, but we are excited to see a flat bottom sleeping surface that looks much more comfortable courtesy of a unique slackline system paired with tension and spreader bars to give a flat sleeping surface instead of the usual dip of a hammock tent. 

Unfortunately, it is to late to get in on the early bird promotions but you can still follow along and sign up to their email system that will let you know when the product makes it to market. 

Aerial A1 Tree Tent


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